Program for the 2020 Sudans Prayer Summit

All times are Sudan time    PP= Point Person


3-4 PM Introduction: Mark and Norman. Worship and Waiting

4-4:30 PM A devotion: Kamal

4:30-6:00 PM ZOOM BREAKOUT GROUP 1: UPG’s PP: John Becker, and Leif. 

4:30-6:00 PM ZOOM BREAKOUT GROUP 2: Thanksgiving and critical prayer needs for Sudan. Kamal      

7-9 PM ZOOM BREAKOUT GROUP 1: Beja: PP: Diana, Tonia (Port Sudan & Mahdi K)

7-9 PM ZOOM BREAKOUT GROUP 2: UPG Initiatives PP: John Becker.


3-6 PM ZOOM BREAKOUT GROUP 1: Nuba Mountains PP: John Jefferson,

3-4:30 PM ZOOM BREAKOUT GROUP 2: (Leaders and Churches) PP: Mark Bardwell 

4:30-6 PM ZOOM BREAKOUT GROUP 3: Support Ministries PP. Norman Johnson, John Becker.


7-9 PM ZOOM BREAKOUT GROUP 1: DarFur PG: PP: Joel, Keith, Tricia

7-9 PM ZOOM BREAKOUT GROUP 2: Diaspora PP: Steve Janovec.


3-3:30 PM Intro to Session Prayer and Worship

3:30-6 PMZOOM BREAKOUT GROUP 1: PP. James Lagos and Leif.  (Khartoum & Sudanese Arabs)

3:30-6 PM ZOOM BREAKOUT GROUP 2: PP James Dema, Amos (South Sudan and Juba) George Taban.           

7-9 PM Conclusion and Recap of all the sessions. Next steps forward. Future prayer initiatives.

Instructions for joining the prayer summit

  1. Click on the link: Then press the “open zoom” button. Then if asked press on “call over internet”

If the link does not work 1. First, try to copy and paste into a web browser. Or 2. Open Zoom and put in the room number then when asked input the password:

Meeting ID: 776 243 551

Passcode: prayshield

  • At the bottom of the screen on the computer and on some phones it will be on top of the screen there are the buttons. Start by making sure your microphone is muted and video turned off.  Your microphone is muted when there is a red line across it. be turned on by pressing on them. Then the red line is removed.

Computer looks like this:

Phone looks like this:

Now press on the button that says Participants. Find your name or the name of your device and click on it. It will say “(me)” so you can identify that it is your name. On the computer press on the “more” button and then press “rename” on the phone simply press the “rename” button.



Now type in your first name and then type in parentheses (   )  the prayer group that you want to join.  e.g. Joel (Beja). Then press on the button “done” and check that your name is correct and the group appears in parentheses. (When the next session starts press again on rename and type in the new group’s name for the upcoming session) 

Then when there is a “breakout group” click on the button “join” and then you will be part of that group.

At the end of the day, you can press on the red “leave” and then “leave meeting” button and you will be exited from the zoom meeting. 

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