2020 Sudans Prayer Summit

UPCOMING PRAYER SUMMIT–and you’re presence is most wanted!

Link to the program. For more information and to participate, click here.

As shared by one of our prayer partners:

“It’s as if all this weekly prayer (plus daily prayer during Ramadan) has been leading us to this moment! Sudan Support Network and Sudan4Jesus will be co-hosting a 3-day prayer event for Sudan from August 6th-8th, 2020. 

Theme: for the 2020 Sudans Prayer Summit. Nehemiah 2:18 Rise up and build.

Slogan: Together we rise up and build a prayer wall for the Sudans.

Because prayer is first of all about God and his heart for the nations, we’re encouraging followers of Christ to take hands and build a wall of prayer for the Sudans (Sudan and South Sudan). This is not about one church or ministry, but that many, both inside and outside the Sudans, would take hand in rising up to pray during the Summit but also on an ongoing basis for the Sudans.

This is the eighteenth year of the prayer summit, and HOW WONDERFUL it is that we are now connected! Though people have gathered in-person for this event historically, COVID has opened doors for expansion to an online summit–which means there can be a global presence! Don’t you love when God turns what Satan meant for evil into good?

You can join all or part of this global prayer gathering for Sudan. There will be a focus each hour. Jump in when you can, but be sure to be intentional and commit time on your calendar! We know that prayer opens the doors of God’s power, and Sudan needs your prayers RIGHT NOW! Be sure to join us next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as often as possible.

You can get more information as it becomes available here https://www.facebook.com/events/792307868240520/

You can join the summit at any point here https://us02web.zoom.us/j/776243551?pwd=SXRFanVkZkhzSUhFZzZ4TEpIeHl2Zz09

Here is the daily schedule for Thursday, August 6th through Saturday, August 8th: 

Sudan Time: 3-6pm + 7-9pm (This is the same time zone as for Egypt, Sweden, Malawi, and South Africa).

EST: 9am-12pm + 1-3pm

CST: 8-11am + 12-2pm

MST: 7-10am + 11am-1pm

PST: 6-9am + 10am-12pm